Quality services since 2018

RM Building Solutions Ltd.

Specializing in the supply and install of support brackets and screw piles. Locally fabricated in Nisku, AB.

Quality services since 2018

Quality Installation

Our field technicians are amongst the most experienced and well trained in the industry.

RM Building Solutions Ltd.

Precision Engineering

All of our brackets and piles are computer modelled and engineered.

Quality services since 2018


We are proud of our safety culture carried throughout all of our projects.

RM Building Solutions Ltd.

Community Driven

We’re grateful for our ability to give back to our communities and have proudly donated to many charities over our 25+ years.

Featured Services

Expanding to Serve You Better

We provide full scope services for all of your concrete contracting needs.

Bracket Supply & Install

RM Building Solutions Ltd. supply and install services offer high quality and timely services. With our fabrication shop located in Nisku, AB, we can ship large quantities of brackets or custom brackets within the Edmonton market same day.

Residential & Commercial Screw Piles

We specialize in light and medium duty commercial screw piles and residential screw piles. Our installation crews have more than 5 decades of collective industry experience. Specializing in all helical pile applications

Custom Bracket Fabrication

We stock 2ft to 10ft brackets of various sizes and dimensions. Custom brackets can be made that support in excess of 10,000lbs. We can support over 5,000lbs at 8ft, if required.

A Division Of

The RMC Group of Companies Ltd.

Supplying concrete and related services since 1994.

RM Building Solutions Ltd. was established in 2018 and is a division of the RMC Group of Companies Ltd. We pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated in Edmonton, Alberta. We manufacture and install support brackets for concrete slabs, provide screw piles services and anything else your concrete job requires. You can count on us for sustainable products.

The RMC Group of Companies Ltd. is a family owned organization that specializes in the supply of concrete and related services. Our vertical integration throughout the companies allows us to work with our partners to ensure our customers receive any service or product their home requires. We are able to support our customers from start to finish, stress free.

OUR Values

Safety, Precision, and Community

RM Building Solutions Ltd. has the knowledge and expertise to ensure every concrete job is completed with the highest quality and customer satisfaction.


We recognize the importance of safety in the workplace. We live and work in the communities we serve, therefore our obligation to the safety of our people and the environments in which they work is our top priority. We are committed to clean-site principals.

Our staff is well trained and well versed in assessing hazards and neutralizing the problems up front. We believe in staying educated about potential dangers and encourage our employees to bring attention to safety concerns. Our workplace culture emphasizes our employees as our family.

Precision Robotic Fabrication

RM Building Solutions Ltd. utilizes the latest robotic technology to produce the highest quality support structures in the market.

We stock 2ft to 10ft brackets of various sizes and dimensions. Custom brackets can be made that support in excess of 10,000 lbs. We can support over 5,000lbs at 8ft, if required. Custom brackets can be manufactured for next day, and custom engineering can be offered in five days. Call us to discuss your next project and how we can help you avoid damage to underground utilities or other project challenges.


We believe supporting local companies provides great benefits for our communities and the people within those communities.

Through our efforts, we have been able to provide work for local organizations and people. As an organization, we make the extra effort to fully support local business as the benefits of this support can be passed throughout communities involved.

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